Work in Regress

Work in Regress

A story about an authority unable to rule over anything at all, as it is placed on a huge, vast, empty space. I was interested in understanding what the actions of such a master would be, and what kind of rituals he would create while lacking the very property which activates his power. How would such a master react when encountering, one day, a very dumb sheep, for example?

Performance created and performed by Ioana Mona Popovici

“…quirky and engaging exploration, …honeddown knowing performance…”
Seona Mac Reamoinn – The Irish Times

P1060488© Amalia Malina


Concept, choreography & interpretation: Ioana Mona Popovici
Supported by: Eira 33, Lisbon, Život umělce Foundation & Motus – producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Prague.

© Dragan Dragin

Past invitations:
11+12 Dec. 2007 / Duncan Center – Prague
20th of May 2008 / Flora Theatre Festival – Olomouc
10+11 June 2008 / Bomba Suicida Studio – Lisbon
5th of September 2008 / Nagib – Experimental Movement Festival – Maribor
12th of November 2008/ Wunder der Prärie Festival – Mannheim
13+14 November 2008 / Junge Hunde Festival – Aarhus
2nd of April 2009 / Cluj-Napoca
4+5 of April 2009 / The National Centre of Dance – Bucharest
21+22 of May 2009 / Dublin Dance Festival
19th of September 2009 / Romanian Dance Platform – Bucharest
8th of January 2010 / Robin Howard Dance Theatre – London
6th & 7th of March 2010, Theatre Sevelin 36 – Lausanne
9th of October 2010 / Theatre Now Festival – Kiasma Theatre Helsinki
3+4of May 2011 / Alfred ve Dvore Theatre – Prague
27th,29th of Nov 2022 / Alfred ve Dvore Theatre – Prague
13th, 14th of Dec. / Alfred ve Dvore – Prague
3rd of August 2012 / Cuerpo FeRomenal Festival – Mexico City
22nd – 24th of Feb. 2013 / Tres23 Theatre Studio – Guadalajara, Mexico, as part of the artistic residency at Colhibry/Colaborationes Hibridas:

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