Awareness of Sound Workshops

In this workshop I am interested in approaching sound as an innate energy created by and carried inconspicuously in our bodies. From the obvious heart beats, breathing, bones cracking, ear noises, stomach rumble, or even eye blinking, to the most hidden/subtle melodies of grief, anger, longing, shame, exhaustion, joy and calmness. An array of tones and moods, fusing and confusing, preceding thought, and, if observed, delaying action until finding the essential gesture/word. I am interested in exploring what resonances are generated in the body itself when delaying action, and how that experience of waiting gains materiality. Stillness and strong impact, absence and presence, neutrality and decision – these are few of the topics to experiment and question.

The workshop is an invitation to peel off layers of solidified knowledge and performative habits, to embrace listening, ambiguity, silence and uncertainty as tools for genuineness.  

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