The Delicate Dangers of Counting Sheep


©Image –  Ioana Mona Popovici
‘As long as I live, I will never leave the path by myself to run into the woods, when my mother has forbidden me to do so.’

     Little Red Riding Hood – at about 7 years old, freshly reborn after the traumatizing episode of being eaten by a wolf.

‘The cats will be shiny, the tigers coronated, the flowers mine, the thoughts sterile.
The waters smooth, the grass short, the barks soft, the dreams safe, the mornings brave, the loss consoled, the head armoured. 
The saint mistaken, the cry disgracing, the image faking, the glass unbreaking, the walls unshaking.’
      Little Red Riding Hood – age 25, journal excerpt about her riskless, grasping, protective, territorial and undisturbed, dreamed of environment. 

The show is a loyal reconstruction of Little Red Riding Hood’s recordings and diaries, which were lost long ago in the Black Forest. Found, recovered and restored by Ioana M.Popovici, this work lacks an owner, hence it will be sold at the auction following the presentation. Don’t miss the chance to be the winner!

The project is supported by Distorted Bells Foundation –

Performed by a random and disobedient performer, whose name and origins are uncertain.

Host and auctioneer : Nela Kornetova

Special thanks to:
Nela Kornetova, Max Moldau, Sandrine Harris, Odeta Catana, Melanie Zagrean, Jan Hajdelak Hustak, Dominic Latham 

Premiered in January 2016, Ufer Studio – Berlin


© Image –  Odeta Catana


© Image –  Odeta Catana

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