‘He is deaf. He got deaf from being yelled at over the years.
Now he watches the others as he would watch a silent movie.
The others lost their voice from endless yelling. They keep on yelling mutely.
That day he would have explained them everything, but he fainted before he could say a word.’

Portrait – several stories about guilt, lack of forgivness and blameful relationships.

Concept & choreography: Ioana M. Popovici
Created with & performed by: Anna Caunerova, Lea Capkova, Miroslav Kochanek, Jan Malik, Marta Trpisovska
Scenography: Peter Smetacek
Costume design: Mariana Jamnikova
Light design: Jan Benes
Technician: Jan Dorner
Produced by: Jan Malik & NANOHACH o.s.
Supported by: The Czech Ministry of Culture, City Of Prague, Tanec Praha, Ponec Theatre, Theatre 29-Pardubice

The piece received the SAZKA Award – Prague, 14th of June 2007.
Anna Caunerova received the Interpretation Prize.

19th of Sept. 2006 / Ponec Theatre – Prague

Past invitations:
13th of June 2007 / Bazilika Theatre – Ceske Budejovice
15th of June 2007 / ‘Tanec Praha Festival’ – Prague
17th of July 2007 / Ha Theatre – Brno
27th of Jan. 2008 / Ponec Theatre – Prague
4th of March 2008 / L1 – Budapest
21st & 22nd of April 2008 / ‘Dublin Dance Festival’ – Dublin
1st of Nov.2008 / ‘Unidram’ – Potsdam
1st & 2nd of Dec. 2009 – Tel Aviv

photos by Dragan Dragin

Review extracts:
“…sophisticated humor, a humor that is very ‘Dostoyevsky’…“
Nina Vangeli, Dance Zone

“…a study so powerful and rich in contrast as to turn one’s blood cold.“
“Popovici skimps on nothing in her ‘Portrait’, neither on depth nor on humour, which is so black here it takes some getting used to.“

Hartmut Regitz, Tanz International

Video excerpt:

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