Performance artist,  object-theatre maker, antique porcelain collector-remaker, miniature installation creator.

I come from Romania, where I studied at the Floria Capsali Dance School, and at the Academy of Theatre and Film, Choreography Section, in Bucharest. My works have been presented in festivals, venues and galleries in Europe, USA, Mexico, S.Corea, Israel and Brazil.

My style can be described as a hybrid product, being inspired by things that often contradict each other and generate – in the performance itself – a state of inquietude, uncertainty and potential danger. The absurd, dark humour fuse with a subtle quality of magic and mistery.  The trajectory of the interests that shaped my work began about 20 years ago, with the universe of Samuel Beckett and Andrej Tarkovsky. Aspects of their world helped me develop interests for various forms and directions, such as Art Brut, graphic novels, punk culture, Film Noir etc. I am interested in unpredictable, chaotic, and unlinear structures, as I believe that most interesting things happen on the edge of chaos and stress.

The range of topics I explored through past performances vary from dependency, blame, authority, identity, loss, to children game, memory, clubbing, love, territory etc.

Aesthetically I want to create a form that gives space to viewer’s own interpretations and understanding. In spite of their clarity, I want my works to raise many questions, instead of offering only one, rigid answer. Ethically I want to avoid the commodity, the undisturbing attitude and the gratuitous provocativeness.

As a performer I collaborated with several choreographers and theatre directors such as Charles Linehan, Karine Ponties, Viliam Docolomansky, Vava Stefanescu, Simon Vincenzi, Luis Guerra, Peter Tyc etc.

I was part of artistic residencies in London, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Lisbon, Iceland.

For three of my performances I was selected as “Young Choreographer To Watch” in the critics’ survey of the German Tanz magazine.
In 2008 I received Sazka Award – ”Discovery in Dance” for the performance “Portrait”, in Prague.

At the moment I am based in Berlin.

Latest Performances:

– Buy a Soup Get One For Free

– Breath, Shadow, Nothing

– Requiem For a Dog

– The Chair

– Remote Edens

– Portrait – commissioned by NANONACH Dance Company, CZ.

– CARMEN MIRANDA IS DEAD – performance created in collaboration with Simon Vincenzi, Fracisca Sazie, Luis Guerra and Rafael Alvarez, as part of the project Colaboratorio, Brazil.

– Full Moon

– Amnesic Days of Polar Nights – commissioned by the Physical Theatre School – Brno, CZ.

– Cosmic Harmony Club – 2011 immersive installation commissioned by and presented at Prague Quadrennial 2011 – Work designed by Simon Vincenzi – UK.

– Work in Regress

– …and the parrot made up a new sentence…

– The Delicate Dangers of Counting Sheep

– Wings of Routine

– Maze Incense

2 responses to “About”

  1. Hry, Ioana, I miss you here in Prague! I guess the whole scene misses you, too, but I am not sure if they are aware of it. I hope you are doing well!
    Many greetings, lots of love

    1. Ioana Mona Popovici Avatar
      Ioana Mona Popovici

      H David, thank you! I miss Prague as well. I will notify you when I come visit or work 🙂

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