Luna Plina

graphic design: Alexandr Puskin

By midnight, Eve, Atlas and Santa Claus discovered the land of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”, with its forbidden fruit and kind snake. Being exhausted and starving from a long journey, the three travelers wish to serve the fruit at the supper, but the fruit disappears mysteriously in the heavens, and so they will never be aware of what is good and evil. Their co/existence will continue to be framed by endless confusion, chaos and lack of rules.

~To Virgil, that helped us find a common aim during the creation of “Full Moon”.

Choreography & Direction: Ioana Mona Popovici
Creation & interpretation: Veronika Kolečkářová, Jan Švec, Florian Tilzer
Scenography: Andrea Faciu
Light design: Jan Beneš
Production: o.s. SE.S.TA – Kamila Murlová

Supported by: Sazka a.s., Tanec Praha o.s., The Czech Ministry of Culture, The City of Prague .
In collaboration with: Ponec Theatre, Barka Theatre-Brno, Studio Kokovice 4, Cesky Krumlov Theatre, AltArt Studio and Kulturreferat Munich.




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