Wings of Routine


Surrendering to the irrevocable trap, she is the hostage of well-being and contentment, a condition that converts every smile into a tensed grimace, and every posture into a rigid parade.

She’s the cheerleader and fitness trainer – an alchemist sending off sparks of joy. Glittering pom-poms, catapulting trampolines, mini skirts, LED sneakers, long wigs – all paraphernalia in complete contrast to her petite body. This is the invincible apparatus promising to numb her confusion and launch the seeking for artifice. Sharp arrows pierce the hallucinatory bubbles, they flood and multiply the veins of desire.

The terror of being excluded from the fast spinning carousel of participation/competition, sets her into an imperceptible marathon of self-obsession and vigilance. Stillness and silence become disturbing concepts to her, while the speed gadgets decorate her dreams.

A loud whistle is part of the routine, not allowing hesitation to sink in.

Any sign of the unforeseen, of the irrational or the eerie coincidence is erased by strict planning, repetition and crescendo, by a well executed routine in a spotlighted arena, where she can’t fail.

But the nightdreams are slowly beginning to betray and scorn her, they are creeping in, changing her routine forever.

Concept and performance: Ioana Mona Popovici



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