Remote Edens

“The icon reflecting the kingdom of-the-falling, remote and deserted, where everything is built on quicksand.”

REMOTE EDENS portraits an un-modern, from times bygone, picture of love between a man and a woman. A relationship where mutual dependence rules over self-emancipation.

Concept & direction: Ioana Mona Popovici
Created with & performed by: Anna Caunerova and Daniel Racek
Stage design: Peter Smetacek
Costume design: Julie Fox
Light design: Vladimir Burian
Supported by: Prague 3 District, Tanec Praha, Ponec Theatre, Xaverov s.a.

Press excerpts:

“Following the group piece ‘Requiem For A Dog’ and the solo ‘The Chair’, Popovici now looks at a couple’s relationship. As in her previous pieces, she does not go down any well-trodden paths but takes on the full complexity of the subject”

“Ioana Mona Popovici created something distinctive of her own: a creative cosmos that obeys its own laws rather than those of the market…”

Hartmut Regitz, BalletTanz Magazine

“Remote Edens is a performance for theorising about theatre.”

Vladimir Marsalek, Dance Zone


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