Amnesic Days of Polar Nights

The action takes place in a forgotten village from a remote valley. It’s been very long since something happened or was heard there. Perfect silence and the impossibility to trace the passing of time. The total lack of noise and information that could create new memories, dramatically affected the destiny of the natives and of the single bird that lives there.

photos by Dragan Dragin

Concept, Direction: Ioana Mona Popovici
Performed by: Jakub Cir, Nela Kornetova, Petr Mika, Zdenek Polak
Costumes & light design: Ioana Mona Popovici
Light technician: Martin Bitala

The performance won the FIST05 Grand Prix and the performer Zdeněk Polák the “Best Actor” award.

18th to 23rd of October 2009 / Marta Studio – Brno

Past invitations:
13th of November 2009 / ‘FIST Festival’ – Belgrade
28th of February 2010 / ‘Small Inventory Theatre Festival’ – Prague
6th of April – Brno / Husa Na Provazku Theatre – Brno
18th of April 2010 / Czech Dance Platform – Prague
11th of June 2010 / ‘Theatre World Festival’- Brno
22nd of June 2010 / ‘Zawirowania Festival’ – Warsaw
25th of June 2010 / ‘ITS Festival’ – Amsterdam
22nd & 24th of Sept. / ‘Off Europa Festival’ – Dresden & Leipzig
23rd of of Oct. 2010 / ‘FUTURE MESS’ Theatre Festival – Sarajevo
19th & 20th of February 2011 / ‘Crossroads Festival’ / Antwerp
19th & 20th of April 2011 / Alfred ve Dvore Theatre – Prague

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