Cosmic Harmony Club – Installation

„No need to show your ID at the entrance, neither switch off your mobile, nor speak low. Join the others or hide in a corner hoping to be noticed or unnoticed. As you wish, when you wish. Here you make and change the rules.
Get a drink, ask her/him for their phone number, but if you steal that phone, it`s at your own risk – a guard with no big sense of humour is always around, looking forward to doing his job.
No special skills or vast knowledge is needed, but if you have it, you are very welcome to share it.
No matter if you`re confident or not, lazy or too bright, vegetarian or atheist – this is the place that welcomes everyone, anytime.“

Immersive installation of miniature techno club where the audience can join in.

Concept, Direction: Ioana Mona Popovici
Scenography: Simon Vincenzi ( UK)

Project commissioned by and presented as part of Prague Quadrennial 2011 – Intersection / Intimacy and Spectacle –




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